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logo animations

No matter how much effort you put into a logo, a logo that is made using logo animations will always stand out. Logo animations are a modern, fun, trendy, and dynamic way to represent a brand. An animated logo represents a brand’s originality and authenticity. It shows that the brand is serious about what they do, and the consumers can expect the same treatment from them—to be treated valuably and to be given importance. 

What is logo animation?

Logo animation is when you take your current logo and add motion graphics or 2d animations to your design. Animated logos are fun, memorable, and attention-grabbing. Logo animations were considered impossible up until a while back, but the internet has provided a perfect medium for moving images. Now is the age of logo animations, which take your brand to the next level.

But is an animated logo in itself enough for grabbing attention and hitting all the right chords? Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, that is not the case. Logo animations that work the best are attention-grabbing, smooth, fluid, and quick. Adding a few layers of animation to your logos can breathe new life into otherwise boring designs. 

Let us have a look at some of the key features of logo animations that make them more interesting and appealing. 

Logo animations work best when:

  1. Simplicity is incorporated into the logo; do not go overboard.
  2. Relevance: the logo has to be relevant to the ideology of your business.
  3. Uniqueness: out of everything your logo can be, it has to be unique.
  4. Breathability: your logo has to have life in it.
  5. It is made keeping in mind the audience, the nature of the brand, and the vision.

Rather than opting for a static logo, it is always best to work on an animated logo, or “logo animations,” as they are commonly called. The advantages and benefits of using logo animations are countless, which is why they are widely accepting, appreciate, and used by the top businesses and brands in the world.

The benefits of using logo animations include: 

     1. improved brand recognition:

The number one advantage of using logo animations is the kind of recognition it brings to the brand and business. Always remember that a moving image or a visual is more likely to be remember than a static image. Studies have shown that animations that are likely to linger on for more than ten seconds are most likely to get imprint in the memory of the audience.

     2. It tells your brand’s story:

Animated logos are a great way to communicate your brand’s story while imprinting the image of your brand at the same time. It provides a boost to the brand and also becomes part of the brand’s identity seamlessly. It is more likely to build an emotional connection with the audience and a rapport with them.

     3. Draw the audience’s attention:

The audience is more likely to pause and ponder a moving image than scroll through multiple static images. If you capture the audience’s attention in the first few seconds through logo animations, chances are that the audience will most likely explore your website or product more and become more interested in it. Studies and research have proven that using video content as part of your branding and marketing strategies leads to 50% more conversions than when you are oblivious to video content usage and marketing. However, if you have already jumped on the bandwagon for video content and marketing, adding logo animations will only put you a step ahead of your game.

     4. Incite emotions:

An animated logo is more likely to evoke emotions of joy, happiness, affirmation, and hope among the viewers. Your brand can then manipulate and harness those emotions to its advantage. You can always use those emotions to incite them to positively react to the call-to-action buttons when they land on your website.

Let’s talk about something else after we’ve gone over the logo animations in depth. Okay, you have a terrific logo under your ownership; now what next? Precise and proper placement of the logo is as important as the logo animation itself. To make sure you get the most out of your minted logo, placing and promoting it on the most effective platforms is the key to success.

How can you make the most of your logo animations? 

To make the most of your logos, market them through these places.

     1. Website:

Using a customized logo on your website doubles the chances of the visitors staying longer and converting into successful leads. It will also make for a terrific and stunning first impression.

     2. Social media:

This is the best place to publish a logo. You can use it on your Twitter profile picture and other social media to enhance your social media content and ace the social media game for your brand.

     3. Promotions:

The logo animations can also be design on promotional articles, sales pitches, videos, and promotional content to boost your brand.

     4. Presentations:

You can always incorporate your logo to add an x-factor to your slides to add an extra spark to your in-house presentations and presentations to stakeholders.

Branding without logo animations is like a skeleton without a spine. It just won’t work. Logo animations in branding can take your brand to a whole new level. It adds a level of professionalism, efficiency, quality, and integrity to the brand.

Let us further discuss the role of logo animations in branding:

     1. Original and authentic image:

It is quite common for brands that offer similar products to have somewhat similar logos; this is exactly where an animated logo can give you an edge. Stunning graphics combined with excellent motion techniques can help the logo stand out from the crowd. Animations and visual effects enhance the logo and make it more unique and appealing to audiences. The audience is easily able to grasp the message that the brand wants to convey through its logo.

     2. Higher brand awareness:

With recognition comes brand awareness. When people can recognize your brand, they can relate to it more. Your logo is easily spotted anywhere it is seen, and that is exactly how great branding works.

     3. Great first impression:

If the audience perceives your logo and makes a great impression of it, chances are they have made 90% of the impression of your brand too! Because the logo is the primary representation of your brand, an animated logo is a pleasant surprise for audiences; this way, they remember your brand and develop a favorable perception of it, which is only beneficial to your business.

     4. Professionalism:

Only professional businesses go the extra mile to ensure that the product they are delivering is of exceptional quality. The same goes for their branding and marketing tactics; only a great company can invest the kind of money, resources, and time in the branding and marketing of their business to make it stand out from the crowd. If the audience can sense that from their logo, there are higher chances that the trust level will escalate real quickly.


Logo animations have and will continue to have an edge over static logos, at any time, any place. This is where professional logo animators come into play. Having created thousands of logos, they know exactly what to tweak and how to add motion to make the logo stunning. Given the benefits of great logo animation. It is only fair that a significant amount of time, effort, and research be put into curating the perfect logo animations.

Before zeroing in on the selected logo, make sure that it aligns well with the brand’s budget, ideology, and message it is willing to convey. Keep the logo animations short, preferably under 10 seconds, unpredictably start the animation, and end it on a surprising note. Also, make sure to conduct adequate research before beginning to design an animated logo to ensure that it is well accepted by audiences and aligns with their preferences. 

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