Here is Why a High-Quality Logo Design is Expensive

Logo design is expensive, why?`

What does a $10 bill get you? Expensive jewels? No. Does it get you a high-quality vacuum cleaner? Certainly not. Then the question arises, if you cannot expect a high-quality product at such a cheap price, how can you even fathom getting a representation of an entire business at such a cheap price? And yes, by representation, we mean the logo design of your business. 

A logo is not just a logo. An entire extensive logo design process is involving in making the final logo that is timeless and is the defining moment of your brand. 

By the way, do you know a logo design can cost anywhere from $15 to $10,000!!

Don’t get shocked just yet! Paying thousands of dollars for a simple symbol can be quite shocking to some people, I know. It is specifically shocking to entrepreneurs and business owners when they get a quote for logo design from a logo designer or a branding company. While the reason for this is hard to decipher, there are quite a few reasons for the logo design to be so expensive. And we will walk you right through them.

Why Is Logo Design So Expensive?

A logo design can vary from being slightly expensive to extremely expensive. This depends solely on the process of arriving at the final logo. The more extensive it is with more touchpoints for research and quality assurance, the higher the price of the logo design. A great logo even though takes time and effort to be finalize but increases the chances of a business succeeding by ten folds.

The Design Funnel:

The process of professionally designing a logo is the design funnel. Multiple ideas are poured into the top area of the funnel to initiate the process of a logo design. A whole lot of work goes into the logo design process than we can possible imagine.  

Beginner vs Elite Logo Designer:

A beginner-level logo designer may have expertise but not the experience that makes him an expert at his job and that is the reason why he will not be charging much. However, an elite logo designer or an expert in the logo design field will charge a much higher rate, probably in thousands because his experience and skills will be exceptional and far better than those in the business. Such elite designers usually charge way more and also pick and choose which clients they will work with as they are so in demand and that is the reason, they are hiring most of the time.

The Decision To Choose:

The decision to choose which design to go with depends upon several factors, which are stated below.

  1. The stage of your business
  2. The capital and budget of the business
  3. The nature of the business
  4. The industry in which the business operates
  5. The target audience

Inexpensive logo Design:

While there are brand experts and logo designers available to especially draft your logo, there are also tons of free resources where you can design your logo depending upon the nature of your business and the requirement of your business. For example, if your business is in the diamond jewelry sector, you certainly are not going to opt for a cheap and inexpensive logo. Rather you would look for an elegant, classy, and timeless logo, the cost of which would be high accordingly. 

But if you are in a grocery supplying business, for example. Then an inexpensive logo would also do. There are tons of free resources for inexpensive logo design. Some of these are readily available online, they have templates that you and tweak and alter according to your need and get a logo that suits your business. Or you can also opt to hire a newbie designer or a designer of a beginner level who knows just how to put a perfect logo together for your business while not breaking the bank simultaneously. An inexpensive logo would also do you good. So, if you are just product testing or market testing, once you think you are here to stay. Then, you can always revamp your logo and take the services of a pro designer.

Expensive Logo Design:

Expensive logos means a complete branding of the business depends on the logo and the business caters to a wider market, in some cases worldwide. For the logo to work, the logo needs to be widely accepted in the market as a representation of the brand. An expensive logo also requires an expensive process that goes into making the final logo.

The Logo Design Process:

The final logo is just the tip of the iceberg. Much more goes into the logo design process, thorough research is design before the initiation of the design process. Even though it may not seem that much labor goes into the brands logo design process. So, There are numerous steps before arriving at the final logo. 

Tens of hours are spent on research. And a hundred hours of ideas go into the potential logo design to finally arrive at the final logo. The more diverse ideas you have at the start of the funnel, the better your chances of arriving at the best logo design. 

How To Choose The Perfect Logo Designer:

Several attributes should be sought in the logo designer you are willing to work with. While, great research goes into making the logo, equal if not more also goes into choosing the best designer to make your logo design. A great logo designer will invest time in thoroughly understanding the vision, aim, and future ideology of the business before delving into the design aspect. 

The designer will then create a style scape of elements that represent the vision. And ideas for the brand and the logo. The style scape will include elements of color, design, elements, typography, and inspirations. So, to generate conceptualized ideas for the logo design. This helps the designer and the brand be on the same page for further design and concepts. 

The designer then creates multiple concepts of logos incorporating. Also, all the components of the styling cape are in different logos to see which one works best for the brand. The concepts sketched initially can go from tens to hundreds depending upon the nature and budget of the brand.

Then 10 to 20 concepts are chosen to get worked upon. Every logo is made with detail ad precision. Because any one of these has the potential to become The final logo.

The designer will then test the logo on the business’s brand kit. And will be discussing if it works well on every medium. The mockups are thoroughly checking to see which logos work best and which do not. It is also noting which logos need more improvement in which areas. The logos can also go through market testing to see how well the logos work in the actual market. (Which is a very rare case)

By this time the designer and the brand have reached a consensus where they know which logo hits all the right chords. And then the designer works exactly on that logo design. 

By the end of this tiresome and lengthy process, the final product is in sight which is the finalized logo


It is the logo of your business that makes or breaks a deal. To ensure your business stays strong and hits all the right notes. Make sure you invest enough time and effort into your logo and make it count! From giving clear directions and providing clear visions to the designer to working closely every step of the way. But no matter the budget is the only way a great logo design can be achieving. 

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