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What is the first thing that most people notice about you and recognize you from? Your face. And we all know how much effort we put into making it the best feature of our bodies. Especially when we have an important event or a workplace meeting, we make sure that, besides dressing appropriately, we make our face appear fresh and warm.

But why are we talking about our faces when this article is about a brands logo design?

Hold, on. We are just getting there.

The logo is the face of a business or brand. And for this very reason, great efforts go into making sure that it is the best aspect of your business and represents it in the truest sense and way. After all, it is the logo of your brand that will resonate with the people and will be remembered by them as the face of your brand or business.

Logo design is one aspect of your brand identity, but the most integral and important one. The logo is the face and foundation which is the center of a brand identity. And it is also no surprise that a brands logo design contributes greatly to the success of the business or adds to the failure of the business.  

Brand Identity and Brand Image:

Business owners put special efforts into making their logos an integral part of their brand identities. To set the record straight, a brand identity is how you would want your consumers to perceive your brand.

Brand image, on the other hand, is what the consumers think of your business and brand as a whole. The ideal situation, of course, is when these two align just perfectly. We are discussing these two because it is extremely important that when you are set to get a logo design for the company, you must keep these two in mind. The logo should represent the image of your brand in the truest sense. Simultaneously, you should also keep the audience’s perception of your brand in mind when creating a logo for your business.

Now, when creating and getting that perfect logo design for the company, certain elements should be kept in mind when designing the perfect logo for your business. These elements influence the logo greatly and a perfect combination of all these elements makes up for a terrific design that truly represents your brand.

The Essential Elements in a Logo Design:

1. Color:

Choosing a color for your logo and brand identity is, perhaps, the most important and difficult decision that you will make. Each element of the logo sets the basis for the rest of the brand identity components too, so selecting the correct elements and color is essential. The color is the first thing that makes the most striking impact on the audience. And choosing the color has to be based on these three things.

  1. Color theory
  2. Color psychology
  3. Brand’s vision and mission

Color theory and psychology revolve around the nature and impact of colors. For example, if the colors are warm, primary, calm, soothing, contrasting, and fierce. Choosing the color has to always revolve around the mission of the logo you are trying to achieve and the vision and aim of the brand that you are aiming to convey through the logo.

2. Typography:

As important as the brand name of your business is, the same importance typography selection has in the logo. The wrong font to a luxurious brand, or a funky font to a library name – both can go very wrong. Careful selection of typography in a brands logo design plays an important role. The target audience, the nature of the brand, and the kind of industry that the business operates in, all play an important role in the selection of typography in the brand logo. However, it is not such a difficult task after all. Your best bet is to create a customized logo for your brand, this helps your brand to stand out from the crowd, can also prevent any copyright infringement, and can play a vital role in creating your brand identity throughout all mediums.

3. Graphics:

Graphics in a logo can complement the wordmark or play the role on their own too. The graphics can sometimes match the company name, eliminating the need for using the whole brand name. They also play an equally important role in representing the values of a brand. When using a graphical element in your logo, you must keep in mind that it has to be something more substantial and meaningful than merely entertaining or decorative. The graphic has to make a strong impact visually and make an instant emotional and thoughtful connection between your brand and the audience. It also further has to match the aesthetics of the brand logo and the style of your business.

It is now time to look at the amazing benefits of a brands logo design.

The benefits of a brands logo design for the business:

1. Grabs the audience’s attention:

The attention spans of the audience, especially those who are avid users of social media, are extremely short. We are talking about a few seconds here, guys. All you have got is just a few seconds to convince the audience that your brand is worth it. Your brand’s logo design can take the lead here and play an important role in communicating your brand’s values to the audience and making an instant connection with them.

2. Makes a great first impression:

The logo is the face of your business and makes that first great impression that you need. When people are greatly impressed by the logo, there is a higher chance that they will explore more about the brand or think highly of it.

3. Basis of your brand identity:

A logo is an essential part of a successful brand identity. You need to be able to communicate well with the emotions of your audience. It is as simple as that. A brand’s logo design serves as a foundation on which the whole brand identity is built. It is around which everything else is encircled. The logo serves as a visual identity of your brand across several mediums like billboards, letterheads, websites, social media, stationery, and so on.

4. Helpful in the identification:

Most people remember the brand names just by looking at their logos only. Logos are an integral part of the identity of your brand. So, they connect with your brand instantly when they look at your brand’s logo design. The key is to know what the people think of your brand when they look at your brand’s logo and most importantly, how looking at the logo and thinking of your brand makes them feel. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, the logo also has to be able to trigger all the right emotions in the audience.

5. Gives your brand an edge over the others:

As unique as your logo can be, the best it is for your business. The logo sets you apart from the competition and makes your brand a unique name and standing of its own in the niche that your business operates in. People then, do not take you for just another name in the industry but a substantial strong position holding brand-name.


So, there you go. Looking at the benefits that a great brand’s logo design can bring your business. So, it is only fair that you pay close attention to all the elements in the brands logo design to make it work for your business. And make it a huge success-determining factor, overall. Good luck with a fantastic logo!

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