Logo Design Service: How to Choose the Right Logo Design Company?

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Want a perfect logo for your new business but can’t seem to find the best logo design company for the job? Sure, we know it is a gruesome task. Take the logos of famous brands, for example. They did not appear overnight! Logo design requires the utmost precision, dedication, and originality. In this era of plagiarism, finding designers who put uniqueness and creativity first is a cumbersome task. While thinking about that may get intimidating, don’t worry. We have got you cover. And we are here to help you with just that.

When selecting the best logo design firm for your organization, several criteria must be considered.

Pick a logo design company whose work is varied:

When trusting a logo design company to create a logo for you, take a keen and deeper look at their portfolio of work. Some companies rely heavily on diversity, and some of them tend to have a similar design approach. Even if you find a particular style appealing, for it to be compatible with your brand and the nature of your brand is extremely important. So, finding a company that has a diverse clientele that they have catered to is a huge positive. Finding a company that adapts the style and logo to your requirements exactly is the best for your business. After all, your logo has to reflect what your business is all about. Our best tip is to look for companies that have a huge client base, which means that their logos are based strongly on research and a deeper understanding of their client’s requirements.

Positive Testimonials and Reviews – Logo Design:

Check their website to see if they have got positive testimonials from clients and businesses they have catered to. Also, make sure that you cross-check the validity of those testimonials through a web address or even by emailing the company. With so many budding logo design companies, it is best to check if the clients of that company exist!

A Thorough Design Process:

Companies that promise a final logo in just 12 hours are the ones to skip. Why? because the typical process of logo design does not take anywhere under 48 hours to complete. This is the main reason why you should avoid such companies. Think of it this way: how long are you going to use your logo? A long time, right? So why would you want it to be design in a mere 12 hours or so? All good things take time. And it is the representation of your brand and business, so remember. It needs the time and attention it deserves. To give you an estimate, a decent and unique logo should take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to come into existence (including research time).

The pricing:

If the design companies are offering logos for as low as $5, they are a sham. Just ignore them. They are not worth pondering or researching. The average logo design costs anywhere between $200 and $2000, depending on the level of company you are working with and the kind of logo you aim to get designed.

Published Work:

Always make sure to check if their work has been published in any books or magazines. Also, look for famous or otherwise famous businesses and clients they have previously designed for. How much value has their logo design added to the client’s businesses? Also, don’t forget to look into how well-known they are in the logo design industry.

Font licensing:

Just like stock images and photographs demand that you buy a license to use them in your designs and marketing, fonts require the same thing too. For a design company to be able to use a specific font as part of a logo design, they ought to be legally allowed to do so. This means that it should be made sure that any ownership rights are paid for and also that the font licensing honestly allows for its use in logo designing. It is interesting to note that not all fonts are allowed to be used in logo designs.

For instance, if you prefer a particular font and believe it should appear in your logo, but the designer does not have a license for that font. As a result, the cost of that font will be include in the logo design company’s project price. If you do not want a commercially licensed font for use as part of your logo design, you should inform your logo design business from the start.

The logo guidelines should be given to you by the logo design company:

If you are (most probably) looking at the bigger picture and intend to use the logo for your business for marketing or promotion. There can be instances when you will need to give your logo to another designer. and when you have invested so much money, effort, and time into crafting the perfect brands logo design for your company. The last thing you would want is for another designer to tweak or, at worst, completely butcher it.

This is the point where style guidelines come in handy. These may be famous as logo guidelines or brand guidelines, but they are the same thing. The guidelines document acts as a basis of law for your logo. It provides other designers with knowledge about your logo and how to use it when they are placing and incorporating it into a new design. It will equip them with the guidelines of spacing, sizing, typography, and color. Along with some dos and don’ts for your logo.

An adaptable logo design:

Even though your logo may look super amazing when it is circular, what will happen if you need to use it inside of a triangle?

You definitely would not want to squish it to fit the triangle. It would look horrible that way, of course. You also would not want to clip off the edges, as that way you would be losing parts of your brand’s identity and the logo.

Your logo design company should be able to provide your logo in a few diverse layouts that you can easily use for different situations and platforms. At the lowest resolution, you should have a piled/portrait option and an inline/flat option.

Great customer service:

It is essential, before you hand them over your incredibly important task of creating a logo, that you thoroughly check their customer service. How actively do they deal with their customers? So, How instantly do they respond to your emails? How are their communication and their professionalism in responding to your queries and questions? A good logo design firm should always give excellent customer care, immediate assistance, rapid response, and clear communication to ensure that the entire design process runs smoothly and efficiently. Right from the initial email to the after-sales support and any revisions or changes required.


A professional logo design company will always welcome your feedback and input throughout the process of logo design and will make sure that the final result is in complete sync with your requirements. and for the same matter, it will also make sure to tend to your queries and do as many revisions as you would like for a perfectly crafted and curated logo for your business. 

Does the company ask Appropriate Questions?

Before initiating the project, a professional logo design company with a wholesome experience will ask you certain specific questions. Questions that typically revolve around your brand’s ideology, color palette, history of your company, future goals and visions, competitors, and specifically the logos that you greatly dislike. It all helps them curate the perfect logo for your business. The one that is thoroughly researching, is unique and speaks for your brand.


The above-stated points and explanations are not necessarily an exhaustive checklist when choosing the perfect logo design company, but a few of the most important aspects and key points that you must consider at the time of choosing the perfect company.

Don’t make your decision to work with a logo design company just purely based on the quality of the logo designs. The design approach and deliverables that you will obtain are just as important for the completion of a successful logo design project. By putting all of these things and points into your mind and under consideration, you can rest assured that you are investing your time and money wisely. It will also prevent buyer’s remorse.

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