Logo Design & Branding 101: How to Select the Best Logo Design Firm

logo design and branding

If your business is not just a business but a brand, chances are higher that your product will get higher sales and market share than non-branded products. This is the prime reason and an essential factor that makes branding all the more mandatory for all businesses, present, and budding-logo design and branding.

What is branding?

Branding is more than just keeping a name for your business. Using it to make your brand known and familiar among your target market. It is a whole process that requires specialists who know exactly how to pick up your brand from the ground. And take it to the highest possible heights. Branding is a highly complex and specialized activity that requires not only logo design creation and email marketing. It requires much deeper and more extensive strategic thinking and long-term planning.

Branding is not only involved with logo design and branding; it includes various processes that each require thorough attention and planning. Some of the key factors are brand research and planning, brand profiling and image analysis, creating a strong brand image, and marketing the brand as well as internet branding. It further involves creating a strong market position and creating high brand equity for the business. It also helps to establish the company’s position in the market.

Why hire a branding agency?

Selecting the right design agency for your logo design and branding is an important yet formidable task. A great design company will boost sales and increase the return on investment. Choosing the wrong design company can lead to a waste of time, money, and resources and can also lead to a decrease in sales and may also cause damage to the brand name and identity.

As the logo design and branding of your business represent your product’s unique characteristics and the image of your brand as perceived by the target audience. The company’s slogan, logo, and all modes of communication are all a reflection of your brand. And that is the very reason that getting the perfect logo design and branding is cumbersome. One of the most difficult tasks for any business is to design the perfect logo. And brand their business in a desirable way. A way that goes well with the business’s objectives and aims.

How to choose the right design company? 

The following key factors need to be kept in mind when you are thinking of choosing a design company for your logo design and branding needs. Every factor plays a crucial role in the decision-making process of choosing the design company that fits your brand’s needs perfectly. Let us look at each one of them in detail.

1. Research and preparation:

Identify your brand’s objectives and aims in depth. Make sure the ideas and objectives you have regarding the logo design and branding are in perfect sync with the core objectives and aims of your business. Once you have all that in place come to the step of defining your expectations clearly and also being able to communicate those well with the prospective future design companies.

2. Fix a Budget:

If you are a budding company or an established one, you certainly have a budget for everything and every expense that is to occur in the business, be it research, development, marketing, or even branding. Once you have the budget in place, can you truly know on what terms to negotiate with the various design companies?

3. Do thorough research about all the design companies:

Once you know about and have shortlisted all the design companies that can help you with your logo design and branding, comes the step of going through each company’s market share and their reputation in the market generally.

4. Shortlist your favorites:

Now that you have thoroughly researched all the logo design and branding companies in the market, shortlist all the potential design companies that you think will work best for your business. You also need to have a look at the aims, objectives, and work ethics of the different design companies. This is to identify which ones share the same work strategy as you, and even if the work strategy is not similar, it will blend perfectly with your business.

5. Get in touch and have a look at the portfolios:

The next step is the most important and you can also call it the deciding step for choosing the design company to work with. When you do get into talks with the companies you have previously shortlisted, go ahead. And have a keen and deep look at their portfolios. The portfolio is the best representation of all the clients that the design company has worked with previously. Review their final products, and also see the success ratio for the brands that they have worked with.

Companies that are only good at creating masterpieces for logos may not necessarily succeed in creating a successful brand. Do not just trust the digital proofs of the portfolio and brands that they have worked with; have a deeper look at the brands they have worked with outside their portfolios. After going through their portfolio, you should now have at least 3 companies that got you hooked when you were researching through portfolios.

6. Analyze and communicate:

The step that follows ahead of the previous ones is to have meetings with the shortlisted companies and communicate openly what your business is looking for. Is it looking for a rebranding from scratch? Or is it looking to brand its business from the ground up? Or perhaps your business aims to launch into new markets and plans to revamp its branding according to the new targeted markets. You also need to be open to their ideas and also analyze how effective they are in communicating their strategies and ideas. In the communication process, you will also be able to analyze how efficient their team is in picking up new ideas and responding to your queries and questions. It will also be quite visible and transparent as to how their work ethic is. And what approach they use in taking your brand to where you aim to see it.

7. Documented Procedure:

It is also interesting to note if they use documented approach for solving problems and the strategies to be used. A clear plan that is documented helps to gain success at every step. The strategy is flexible and subject to adapt as necessary. Having a solid plan with nooks for change is half the success achieved.

8. Seal the Deal:

After going through each step in detail, by now you do have the winning design company in place. Now, the time to seal the deal with the design company that will work on your logo design and branding. Congratulations! Get your businesses rolling!

When you seal the deal with a design company that is in sync with your business. Your business is bound to reap some amazing benefits from the partnership. Here are a few:

  1. Save time and money.
  2. Create a stronger brand presence 
  3. Create a market share and increase it.
  4. Get terrific branding and a logo
  5. Be ahead of your competitors.
  6. Benefit from ongoing assistance with branding strategies.


Selecting the best design company that works wonders with your logo and branding design is no impulsive task. And requires extensive research and thorough communication. Future issues and annoyances are avoided when you take one step at a time. And do your best to choose the best one. So take your time now so that you save time in the future.

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