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The procedure of building a website encompasses making use of web design elements and principles. When you start building a website you have to focus on the preference of your users. Instead of just delivering the interface. Every design vision of that perfect design satisfies everyone. But in the reality, they come to a crossroads with the customer or user or one’s unique urge. Every designer must focus on understanding the importance of UX and learn about the principles of making user-friendly UX designs for App developments. Most people thought, that the design of a website is not a very essential task to tackle. But let’s not obliterate that potential customers can judge you based on how you represent yourself.

UX design beings way back in 1988 with the publication of Donald Norman’s “The design of everyday thing”. User experience design is the process the design team uses to make products that are significant and pertinent experiences to the user. Also, it takes a user only 5 seconds to form an assumption about your brand, and a lot of the time this stems from the design alone. The reason for this is that the design and user experience come hand in hand. They both are crucial steps in the process for clients to convert. Furthermore, it is very essential to put a lot of thought, effort, and procedures when designing your website. Because it plays a huge role in its credibility and the conversions of it also it ultimately breaks or makes the success of your site.

The design principles include two things user experience and aesthetics. How can you know what to look out for you? So, there are 8 tips and design principles that you can start implementing to improve your website’s user experience.


Everyone does a lot of things online and the new era is switched towards new technologies. Determining the purpose will assist you to identify the web design elements to be used. Once you have your niche and idea about the product or service you are selling. It is going to be very easy for you and your designer to design a website that builds your brand. App developments will also become a quick process because you have a piece of proper knowledge about your brand and there will be a greater chance of creating profitable web app developments with loyal and satisfied users.


When creating your website it is essential to have easy and well-structured navigation. For web users, there is nothing worse than a disorganized and confusing interface. If potential customer is having trouble navigating your website, they will more likely to leave the site and will switch to another website to get the services and products they want. First, you make sure that your website navigation should be as simple as it can be so that users can access any point of the website in three clicks or fewer to arrive at the information that they need.


App developments mainly focuses on the target audience. While designing your website you should know the preference of your target audience. What kind of style do they like the most, what will be going to attract them, and what you should avoid adding to your website? Great designs are a combination of an elegant and attractive website. Therefore, focusing on the user is the most essential principle in UX design. Avoid working with complex and difficult-to-understand web design work frames. You have to deal with real-life users, and you have to make sure that they had a great experience while visiting your website.


Once a future customer lands on your website you need to attend to them to take the action that you want them to take. Call-to-action elements should stand out, they are usually seen in the form of banners, pop-up boxes, buttons, and any other elements that help you to grab the attention of the users. Make sure that you are consistently reminding your users to do something. You do not have to spam a call today button every 100 pixels or so. But you do want to include user-friendly content that invites them to call, fill out a form, visit a shop, or do anything that you consider a successful conversion.


You need to remember that not all the potential customers that visit your website do so through a laptop or desktop computer. These two devices have a very different user experience than mobile devices. Mobile sites need to be optimized in such a way that they are keeping the design and layout to a simpler version of your current site. The reason is to avoid too many elements on such a tiny screen. This mobile version has to be more navigable and have a quick loading speed. When people browse the web through their mobile devices usually have much shorter attention span and a more immediate need. Over 80% of the world’s top websites are optimized for mobile. Therefore, remember that it is crucial to make sure that your website is enjoyable on any device. So while designing mobile applications stay simple and elegant.


If you currently lack social share buttons, you are probably missing out on a lot of traffic that is generated from them. Having social share buttons allows your website to be shareable on different social media platforms. These help you to gain site visitors that would have otherwise never known about you. By letting people that have visited your site share content and pages to their favorite social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many other sites.

People sharing your content on their sites will give your website a boom and growth. You are going to create your brand identity by having social share buttons available on your website.


It is very important to choose the correct images. So, they portray the message that you want to deliver to your customers. There are many websites online that offer pretty high-quality images that can help you to deliver your message. There needs to be a clear balance between stock footage and original content. If you are using your images they must be of high quality. This means that anything that is portrayed in the image, For example, any product, service, or location needs to be properly illuminated, colorized, and edited. Any type of media that has low quality that being videos, vectors, and images can have a very negative impact on the user experience of any visitor.


A good to let your potential customers know more about your business. Gain their trust is by providing useful information to them through blog posts. You can use many keywords and concepts that help you boost your SEO. At the same time, you are offering useful and very attractive information to visitors that browse the web. It can also encourage user interaction keep your current customers engaged and will help in obtaining more online traffic to your business website.


While UX designing you have to be very particular about your brand services, audience preferences, and the style you are going to maintain for your business website. App developments needs a proper understanding of trending things going on throughout the whole world. By practicing the above-mentioned tips and principles you can easily make a user-friendly website for your business.

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