The Complete Guide to UIUX Designs

uiux designs guide

As things have primarily shifted to an online base and pretty much everything has an online presence now, UIUX designs have just boomed! The UIUX designs market has seen a complete facelift and has gained increased momentum, all thanks to more developers getting involved and being at the top of their UIUX designs game.

To those of you who still think that both of them are the same and have no clue about UIUX designs, we will take you through each term and concept in detail. Let us get on the train then, shall we?

UX Design:

The simplest way to define a UX design is that it is the whole process of planning the interaction experience of the user with a product. The prime role of UX design is to influence the way humans interact with products and services. The main motive? To make it easy, logical, fun, and engaging.

In this era of everything digital, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the user experience that they provide for their products and services is unmatchable. Users are the U in UX, you can easily tell how important they are! Consumers and users get sold completely on an efficient product, that meets the needs of the users, and provides the users with a stellar user experience. It is the aspects of the product or service that motivate people to continue using it or to abandon it.

The prime aim of a great UX design is to ensure that the user experience is easy and instinctive. Keeping the users as the center of research, design, and services is just a smart move and everybody knows it. Therefore, envisioning and designing a product or service with the end user in mind is just the way things go about (and should rightly so). A great UX design enveloped all aspects of the users’ interaction with the company and the products and services it provides.

The method used is to thoroughly research the end user, examine their desires and wants, and also rule out any issues and problems they might have with the current design or competitor products.

The key is to know your user so well that you develop exactly what they want. The result? More people hooked on to your design!

Pain Points:

When the users’ pain points are worked upon and the user is at the center of the whole design process, the product or service that is a result of that process is simply unmatchable.

Now the question arises of how to incorporate all of that into the design. The answer to that is pretty simple and obvious, we see the entire journey of the product through the users’ eyes and points of view and make it valuable for the user. The whole point of the design process and the UX designers is to pleasantly surprise the users with a personalized touch at every step of their journey with your design. The product and service should have three components. Usability, valuable, and desirability.

To get a stronger grip on the whole UX process, go through these points:

  1. UX design or User Experience design deals with user interaction with the products and services.
  2. It deals with the components of a system like animations, buttons, page transitions, etc.
  3. Organizing the content according to the users’ needs and requirements, and displaying them in the best way possible.

To get the perfect UX design, adhere to these things:

  1. Make the product easily usable, self-explanatory, and extremely logical.
  2. The product has to solve the user’s problems.
  3. The product should be extremely accessible to a wide range of people.
  4. The product can never be a frustrating experience for the users.

Now that we have covered half of UIUX designs, let us get to the next half, shall we?

UI Design:

UI design or user interface design is the aesthetic design of a digital product. The look and feel of the website or application fall under design ui. We can explain the interface as the graphical layout of any website or application. The interface does not only have to be functional, it should also be aesthetically appealing and extremely easy to use. The visual touchpoints of the product like the color palette, icons, buttons, typography, fonts, animation, and any other images. But make or break the user experience. Every slide, pull-down, entering text, and other visual elements that are used by the users on the app have to be designed thoroughly. The key aim of a UI design is to let the users complete a task delightfully!

Kinds of User Interfaces:

  1. Voice-controlled interfaces like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.
  2. Voice user interfaces, which are commonly referred to as VUIs.
  3. Command line interface, it id s program that accepts text into the operating system to execute functions. It enables developers to install software, run programs, and navigate folders.
  4. The graphical user interface, helps users to interact with digital products through the use of visual elements. Like scroll bars, windows, folders, etc.

We have covered both halves of UIUX design, in-depth. Now is the time to find the difference between the two!

The difference between UX and UI:

The UX or user experience aspect is more closely concerned with focusing more on the users’ journey and providing solutions to their problems. UI, on the other hand, focuses on the look and feel, and function of the digital product for the completion of the task. We can say UI focuses more on the tangible elements of the digital product.

The UX design is primarily concerned with the conceptual aspect of the designing process. That includes user journeys, personas, research, ideas, prototyping, testing, and seeing which ideas work and which do not. On the other hand, the UI design aspect is closely working on the visual aspects and technicalities of digital products. The UI designers work closely with the touchpoints to ensure that consumers have seamless contact with the product. So, they provide the cherry on top and make sure that everything is a treat to the eyes. You can say that UX is the experience and effort whereas UI is primarily the face and ease of use.

To ensure that the User Interface design is nailed, make sure of the following:

  1. User-focused design that enables them to complete the tasks with minimum effort.
  2. Seamless experience.
  3. It should be joyful and provide users satisfaction upon completing a task.
  4. Should communicate brand values through product design and experience.

It should also be noted that there are some aspects that both UI and UX design cover, which are wireframing, prototyping, and accessibility of the digital product.


Both, the user interface, and user experience have the users as their end focus. And the center of the entire research, planning, execution, design, design, and experience. It is all about what the consumers need and require. Once the UIUX designs hit all the pain points correctly and make sure that the design is just perfect to please and provide the users with their solutions with an added touch of a surprise element, the UIUX designs instantly become a success.

In the end, it all starts with and comes down to a deeper understanding of what the users want and creating and designing just that! There are great UIUX designers that get the job perfectly and know the exact tools. And have all the secrets up their sleeves that make the user experience and user interface of the digital product a success.

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