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Starting a small business is not easy, you need to handle much operational work of your own by ui & ux design. Whether it be tracking employees, assigning tasks, building schedules, and streamlining communication doing all of these and do not have a powerful application will consume a lot of your time. Therefore, every business owner needed apps to make their work easy and on time. Business applications play a vital role in reducing your work pressure and they also help in increasing the productivity of your organization.

Whenever you are starting a small business you must have a business plan, a unique and catchy idea, a website to start selling your product or service, and a group of team who assist you to grow further. Therefore, you can not do all these things alone, you must require free apps for your small-scale business to grow. Once you find the right strategies and business applications in your patch, you can effortlessly achieve more than you think when growing your small business.

The best applications are listed below that can help you to run your small business and easily operate your daily tasks.

  • Google Calendar
  • Planoly
  • Slack
  • ProofHub
  • Streamyard
  • Metabase
  • Square
  • Basecamp
  • Zoomshift
  • Canva


Google Calendar is one of the greatest apps that you can use to help assemble your tasks, schedule appointments, and just structure your day. The best thing about Google Calendar is that you can connect multiple email addresses so whether you have appointments or emails coming in from different email addresses you can allocate all of them to one calendar. Furthermore, you can even send calendar invites when you book appointments. Google Calendar is not only for entrepreneurs but also even if you are a nine-to-five worker or you are a student, you can use it to schedule your daily work or tasks you want to do throughout your day.

You can also share your calendar with your employee, family, or even your significant other. It is going to assist you to optimize your days, your weeks, your months, and pretty much your whole year.


Planoly is an app that you can access on your computer and your phone. It helps to plan your Instagram posts, for example, draft Instagram content, plan, schedule, and publish content. Digital marketing is the way to grow your business and you need to plan your whole week a week before. Therefore, Planoly allows you to schedule posts and help to build your feed before posting on your Instagram. It helps to stay organized with your captions and hashtags. Moreover, with Planoly you know what is going to be posted on a particular day of the month. You need to focus on the UI & UX design of your business and this application is going to give you ideas for designing your Instagram feed a little more attractive and engaging.


Slack is the new way to communicate with your employees and also to have a look at the progress of your everyday tasks. Moreover, your information will be a little more secure with slack. Slack is like Whatsapp, you are building group chats whether, with your team or employees, you can also build sub-threats under the chat, and you can build time-saving workflows. Slack is fully encrypted and fully private, and your data is not being shared with big platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


ProofHub is a project management software that can help you to manage several different project management functions from one platform. By using ProofHub you can break down your work into several sections as ProofHub has provided you on the dashboard. Each section has a specific tool allowing companies to consistently move projects from start to finish. You can assign tasks, check the current design ui, and can also have a look at further planning and strategies. ProofHub is based on all three platforms that are IOs, Android, and Windows.


Streamyard is an amazing live streaming application for small business owners. It has so many great features like displaying comments, sharing your screen, and inviting guests to be a part of your stream. The hidden feature of Streamyard is that you can upload an animated GIF file into the logo section. It is going to help you in explaining to your employee what kind of project they want. Streamyard is also going to help in UI & UX Design templates and show your designer the style you want to pursue.


Metabase makes it easy for everyone in your company to learn from given data. It connects you with a database, showcasing live data in an easy user-friendly way. An intuitive guides you to organically filter and aggregate and to bring your data in beautiful visualizations. The easy-to-use query builder unlocks the power of SQL allowing everyone to join and pivot their way to better informed decisions. Metabase will be going to help you to organize your data and present it in an attractive way to others.


Square allows many small businesses to accept swipe credit cards by plugging the reader in their smartphone headphone jack in using a square point-of-sale app. It allows users to accept payments; through accepting credit card and debit card payments. Therefore, if you want to do an urgent payment to your employees this card is going to help you and will make your payment process easy.


Basecamp is a web-based tool that can be further defined as a project management tool. This tool linkup the whole team to get work done in a single, streamlined package. You can create and assign tasks, update your to-do list, and chat in real-time. It also grants you to ask questions daily, weekly, or monthly. Basecamp also assists you in the hiring process to take a look at all the given information from your employees. Basecamp is a great application for every small business owner.


Zoomshift is an employee scheduling software. Filling shifts can be a frustrating task for managers and employees, working with paper lists and spreadsheets and making calls or texts takes valuable time of yours. Zoomshift is here to help you out, with Zoomshifts employees can take control of work schedules and shift swapping so managers can step back and focus on the big picture. With Zoomshift employees can view a list of upcoming shifts. Therefore, to start your business try to use Zoomshift for your better completion of tasks.


Canva is the best app to design your posts for social media content. UI & UX designers can also get a lot more help with Canva because it allows you to play with many free templates, elements, text, and audio. It is the easiest way to make any kind of graphic work. So, business owners can easily have a variety of ideas to make unique and attractive posts, content, and website designs. You can design ui all of the posts with a simple drag-and-drop option.


Handling your business with a pen and paper will not going to give you the best outcome. Now, that you know about the best apps for your business hacks that will help your UI & UX Design. It is high time to think about all of these and grow your business while using these applications. What app will work for you and what is not suitable, only depends on the nature of your business. Download these free apps, and make your business shine brighter in the future.

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